Recruitment begins on September 23rd (Sunday) and continues through Saturday (September 29th). There are no rounds of Recruitment on Wednesday (September 26th), so no gifts will be delivered on Wednesday!

We will deliver the recruitment gifts to the lobby of the girls’ dorms. **We are not allowed to deliver the gifts to the individual rooms, the University only allows us to deliver to the lobby.** Each morning, we will send the girls a text message to let them know that they have a gift waiting for them. We are usually in the lobby beginning around 9am and will remain there until that day’s rounds begin.

Other than the $5 delivery fee, it is completely up to you how much you would like to spend each day. This is what makes Katherine Beck’s recruitment process unique! You may either set a certain dollar amount for each particular day, or may set an overall amount to be divided among the total days that you have specified. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns!

You may send a gift as many days as you wish, however you do NOT have to send a gift every day!

We will begin to fill recruitment gifts anytime between now and through recruitment.

If she receives anything in her gift that she would like to exchange, she is more than welcome to do so beginning on October 8th through October 22nd.

The average for “Good Luck” Gifts is between $25-$50 per day and $100 for Saturday. Most choose to send a special gift on Saturday (Preference Night), such as a piece of jewelry that she can wear that night!

Order A Recruitment Happy


When is Bid Day?

Bid Day 2018 will occur on Sunday, September 30th !!!!

What is a Bid Day Gift?

Katherine Beck specializes in creating bid day gifts filled with the most stylish and one of a kind items that we spend months searching for in order to have the best variety possible! We are always designing new sorority merchandise based on the most popular trends as well as timeless traditions to ensure your daughter receives the greatest quality around. You can’t go wrong with a gift from Katherine Beck!

On Bid Day, once the girls receive their “bids”, we will receive a “Bid List” from each sorority. WE ARE NOT AWARE OF WHICH SORORITY THE GIRLS WILL BE PLEDGING UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED THEIR BIDS. It is possible that some sororities will send their list earlier or later than others.

Once we receive the first list we will then start to go through our orders to determine which sorority each girl received a bid from. If a sorority takes longer to send out their list, it may delay that sorority’s first round of Bid Day deliveries.

Other than a $5 delivery fee, the amount of your Bid Day gift is completely up to you. On average, most Bid Day orders are average $350-$500. However, we get orders as little as $25 and over $800. This is what makes Katherine Beck unique, it is completely up to YOU how much you spend! We hand pull items on bid day for each price point, so each gift is completely different! We do not make pre-made gifts, each and every order is special and unique!

Because we do not pull the items until the day of, we are unable to take requests or suggestions for specific items. We want each and every girl to get something they feel is “special” and “unique” so not every girl gets the same bid day gift! You will NOT be charged until the bid day gifts are pulled!

However, if she receives any items in her gift that she would like to exchange, she is more than welcome to do so. Exchanges begin October 8th following Bid day and end October 22nd. All Greek merchandise must be exchanged for other Greek merchandise. If we are out of a particular item that she is wanting, we will be more than happy to write her information down and let her know IF that item becomes available again. There is NO guarantee that any particular item will be reordered by the store.

If she chooses to receive a “Greek Credit” for any of the items that she returns, her store credit will be valid through December 20th, 2018.

You will NOT be charged for your Bid Day gift until we have filled the order on Bid Day night/ the following morning.

Since no one is allowed to receive the Bid List until AFTER the girls have received their bids, the gift will NOT be there when the girls run to their new house. We will be making several rounds of deliveries all throughout the night until we are no longer allowed in the sorority houses. Every year this time changes for each sorority. If we are unable to deliver the gift on Bid Day night, it will be delivered the following day. We have no control over when each individual house closes for the night, some may allow deliveries later than others!

You will be able to edit your order ONE time without affecting your place in line. If you wish to make any additional changes after your one edit, your order will be moved to the day in which you made your additional changes. If you are wishing to add to the gift and you have already used your allotted pull, you are welcome to place an additional order at no extra delivery cost. If you do choose to place an additional order, please let us know so we can try our best to ensure that she does not receive any duplicate items and/or combine the order with her initial gift.

To ensure that your order is delivered without any delays, please give us a call if the payment information you provided with your initial order has changed. This will not count as your one time pull.

Bid Day gifts will be delivered to the sorority houses. Due to the large number of gifts and the different schedules/events for each sorority, this is the safest location for us to leave the gifts. Since each sorority is different and some will have their Bid Day celebrations at off-site locations, we will leave the gifts in an area of the house that that sorority has designated.

Due to the amount of orders we have to fill and the time that we have to fill them, we will NOT notify the girls that they have a gift at their sorority house. We recommend that you let them know that you have sent a gift. There are hundreds of gifts at each house so it is very easy for a girl to not notice her gift if she is unaware that one was sent to her.

Once the gifts are delivered and signed for at the sorority houses, they are out of our hands! Unfortunately, we are NOT able to go back inside to search and locate gifts once they have been delivered!

What if a girl does not receive/chooses to not accept a Bid?

If we do not see the girls name on the Bid Day list we will give you a call to make sure that this is correct. If she did not receive a bid, we will give you the option to either CANCEL your order (nothing will be charged) or you may choose to send her a “happy” gift (non-Greek items).

If she receives a bid, but for whatever reason decides to not accept that bid, please let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel your order. Unless we are notified by you, we have no way to know if a bid is not accepted. If a bid is not accepted and we do NOT receive notification from you before the order is filled, you may receive a store credit in the amount of the gift (excluding delivery).

How does my student find out they have a gift being delivered?

For rush happies, Katherine Beck will text the student each day they have a delivery. For bid day gifts, we ask that you let your student know that they have a gift coming. We are unable to tell students due to the amount of orders we are filling in such a small amount of time.

What if my student has more than one Rush Happy coming from Katherine Beck?

Every rush happy is custom made, so we try our best to not send duplicate items.

When will I be charged for my Rush Happy?

You will be charged for Rush Happies soon after your order is placed. We fill Rush Happies as soon as they are placed.

What if my student needs to exchange an item in a Rush Happy?

If she receives any items that she would like to exchange, she is more than welcome to do so from October 8 through October 22. Non-Greek items can be non-Greek items and Greek items can be exchanged for Greek items ONLY. If she chooses to receive store credit for any items she exchanges, her store credit will only be valid through the end of the semester, December 20, 2018.

Please give us a call if you have any questions at 662-234-9361 or email us at katherinebeckgreek@gmail.com! We look forward to making your daughter’s bid day experience that much more memorable!