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Customer support

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  • When will my student’s Bid Day Gift be delivered?

    If your order was placed before Bid Day, the gift will be delivered by the Monday after Bid Day, at the latest. If the order is placed ON or AFTER Bid Day, the gift will be delivered within two business days of the order being placed.



  • How does my student find out they have a gift being delivered?

    For Rush Happies, Katherine Beck will text the student each day they have a delivery. For Bid Day Gifts, we ask that you let your student know they have a gift coming due to the number of orders we are filling in such a small amount of time.

  • What if I need to make a change to my Bid Day Gift order?

    You will be able to edit your order ONE time without affecting your Bid Day Gift order’s place in line. Upon your second edit, your order will be moved back in line to the day in which your last edit was made. If you are wishing to add to the gift after your initial order edit, you will be allowed to do so without affecting your place in line.

    To ensure that your order is delivered without any delays, please contact Katherine Beck if the payment information you provided on your initial order has changed. This will NOT count as your one time edit.

  • What if my student has more than one Rush Happy per day and/or Bid Day Gift coming for Katherine Beck?

    Every Bid Day Gift & Rush Happy is custom made, so we try our best not to send duplicate items.

  • When will I be charged for my gifts?

    You will be charged for Rush Happies soon after you place an order. We fill Rush Happy orders as soon as they are placed. Bid Day Gifts will not be charged until after the gift has been arranged and custom created for your student.

  • What if my student cannot find her Bid Day Gift?

    There are so many gifts delivered to each house for Bid Day, so some gifts could get lost in the shuffle. Make sure your student double checks for her gift. We require each sorority to sign for delivered gifts from Katherine Beck. If your student cannot find her gift after two days, please email or call us.

  • What if my student needs to exchange an item in a Rush Happy and/or Bid Day Gift?

    If she receives any items that she would like to exchange, she is more than welcome to do so from October 7th through October 21st. Non-Greek items can be exchanged for non-Greek items and Greek items, but Greek items can be exchanged for Greek items ONLY.

    If a particular item is out of stock, we will be more than happy to take her information and let her know IF that item becomes available again. There is NO guarantee that any particular out of stock items will be reordered by the store.

    If she chooses to receive a store credit for any of the items she returned, her store credit will be valid through the end of the semester, December 20, 2019.

  • What if my student does not receive or choose to not accept a bid?

    If she does not receive a bid, we ask that you contact us immediately, and we will give you the option to cancel your Bid Day Gift order (nothing will be charged) or you may send a “happy” gift form our selection of non-Greek items.

    If she receives a bid but decides to not accept that bid, please contact us immediately so we can cancel your order. Unless you notify Katherine Beck, we have no way of knowing that a bid was not accepted. If a bid is not accepted, and we do NOT receive notice from you before the order is filled, you may receive a store credit in the amount of the gift.